More than 100 million Americans drive to work every day, and millions more are using their cars to accomplish everyday tasks. For most, daily driving is a dreaded activity filled with honking horns, wasted time, traffic and big gas bills every month. To lessen the blow, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest daily-driver options now available, from cars with awesome infotainment systems to hybrids that offer relief at the pump. Click through these 2013 models and prepare to rack up those inevitable daily miles with a smile on your face.

It’s not easy to take the plunge and go with an electric vehicle as your trusted daily driver. There are a hundred what-ifs, such as accidents, weather and unexpected detours that could easily lead you outside of the battery’s range. The Chevrolet Volt may be just the answer, with its EV-only range of 38 miles, which is enough for most round-trip commutes and errands, plus a 1.4-liter range-extending gas generator good for an additional 342 miles to keep you moving if the unexpected occurs.

Scion IQ 2013

Scion IQ

Ah, the Prius. Love them or hate them, almost all of us have watched them zip past in HOV lanes with their special license plates as we sit idling in traffic. As the car that crystallized the hybrid craze in America, the Toyota Prius is hard to beat as a daily driver. Boasting remarkable fuel economy, a roomy interior and cool tech features that make the commute a little less monotonous — not to mention special lane rights in certain areas — it’s hard to pass on the stalwart of the hybrid community.

For a family sedan that pulls double duty as the household commuter, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is hard to ignore. While not exactly exciting to drive, it produces fantastic fuel economy for a car its size, while the intuitive Entune infotainment system helps lighten the drudgery of the everyday slog. Couple that with Toyota’s stellar resale value and a great warranty on the battery pack, and the Camry Hybrid is a solid, economical family-sized cruiser.

If you have to commute in an urban area, you know that parking is at a premium. How many times have you circled the block waiting for a sizable spot to open up? A paltry 10 feet long, the new Scion iQ sports such a diminutive footprint that you can drag and drop this car just about anywhere. The staggered seating position allows you to stuff three adults in the car with enough room left over for everyone’s lunch.

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